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Thermoshield products have been thoroughly tested by engineers and experts in their respective fields to substantiate Thermoshield’s significant energy and environmental benefits.


Heat Load Calculation Guideline - For Architects & Engineers


Thermoshield’s unique Elastomeric Radiation Control Coating for roofs and walls is without doubt the coating material of the future.


Thermoshield’s high thermal reflective properties are due to millions of hollow ceramic beads that cluster together and provide dead air space. When applied, this liquid acrylic emulsion dries and forms an elastomeric heat shield. Because of this, it reduces inside temperatures very dramatically.


Solar Load Reduction


Thermoshield is a solar reflective product that can reject solar radiant heating of roofs and walls thus providing peak load air conditioning energy savings or improved comfort over conventional plants


Thermoshield Application


Thermoshield Elastomeric Radiation Control Coating is an emulsion of high grade acrylic resins in water. It dries by evaporation to yield a tough, velvety, nonyellowing, water repellent surface with exceptional abrasion resistance and ultra-violet light stability.


TC 938/45S/101 when applied directly to rust will immediately convert iron oxide to iron sulphate upon contact, preventing further rusting problems. Unlike other coating, it contains ceramic particles. These particles are the heat dissipating elements in Thermoshield Elastomeric Radiation Control Coating that give it the ability to save on cooling cost. It is applied to yield a tough, water tight, roof membrane.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Thermoshield is not classified a dangerous good. Please find attached the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Green Star Compatibility Assessment


Thermoshield is compatible with the BCA Green Star Requirements for reducing Green House Gas Emissions


ISO 14025 EPD


Thermoshield was accredited with both the Quality Certifications ISO 9001 and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001


Section J


Thermoshield is BCA Section J Compliant, Independently tested for Australian conditions


Fire Rating


Thermoshield is Fire Tested and Assessed by CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Engineering ( Australian / New Zealand Standard 3837 )