Environmental Attributes of Thermoshield Products


Thermoshield’s unique Elastomeric Radiation Control Coating for roofs and walls delivers
;the following advantages:

  • Reduces temperatures within a building.
    • The solar reflective heat barrier properties of Thermoshield will contribute to reducing temperatures within a building.
  • Contributes to reductions in power consumption and GHG emissions.
    • Improved thermal properties of a building will reduce the demand on air conditioning and refrigeration equipment thereby reducing power consumption, Green House Gas Emissions and running costs.
  • Reduces Life Cycle Costs
    • Thermoshield improves the life cycle costs of existing and new roofs by reducing thermal ageing and thermal shock from high heat loads and Ultra Violet penetration and degradation. When applied to existing roofs Thermoshield converts rust and increases metal life. This can reduce roof maintenance by up to 80%;
  • Independently certified as environmentally preferable
    • Thermoshield has been independently certified as an environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia. The product has reduced health and environmental impacts through excellent durability, recycleable packaging, low levels of VOC’s and Titanium dioxide and contains no glycol ethers, heavy metals, carcinogenic substances, APEO’s or solvents .

Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel

  environmental choice

Thermoshield liquid thermal coating is certified as environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia. The Environmental Choice Australia Label is recognised by architects, manufacturers, designers and building industry professionals as the leading LCA based ecolabelling program in Australia. The program is managed by Good Environmental Choice Australia Ltd (GECA), a not for profit national environmental research and certification organisation in accordance to ISO 14 024 – International Standard for Third Party Environmental Labelling and Declaration. Where the Environmental Choice Australia ecolabel is displayed, it acknowledges the products as meeting or exceeding the voluntary environmental standards set by GECA.