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Highly Reflective = Save You Energy Costs

  benefits of thermoshield

Thermoshield’s unique Elastomeric Radiation Control Coating for roofs and walls is without doubt the coating material of the future.


Thermoshield’s high thermal reflective properties are due to millions of hollow ceramic beads that cluster together and provide dead air space. When applied, this liquid acrylic emulsion dries and forms an elastomeric heat shield. Because of this, it reduces inside temperatures very dramatically.


Thermoshield has been tested to achieve the equalvalint R Rating varying from R3 to R6.23 depending on exposure.


Environment Choice


Good Environmental Choice Australia recommends Thermoshield to green purchasing officers, specifiers, and every day Australians seeking to purchase products and services on the basis of functional and overall environmental and human health performance.


Space Age Technology


Thermoshield’s amazing space age insulation properties and application possibilities of this product are endless.

Due to its super effective radiant heat barrier properties, Thermoshield is without doubt today’s most revolutionary hi-tech coating product available.


Bottom Line Cost Savings

  • Reduces temperatures dramatically by up to 45%;
  • Cuts air conditioning and refrigeration equipment running costs;
  • Stops thermal ageing and thermal shock by reducing heat load, Ultra Violet penetration and degradation;
  • Reduces roof maintenance by up to 80%;
  • Protects by eliminating blistering, peeling, cracking and fading;
  • Converts rust and increases metal life;
  • Reduces the risk of serious burns caused by high surface temperatures on metals;
  • The most advanced radiant barrier insulating coating available, and has waterproofing properties.
    Thermoshield is Australia’s foremost ceramic based total solution liquid thermal coating which offers;
  • Reduced capital investment in cooling equipment;
  • Low maintenance costs ; and
  • A better working and living environment in Australia, where many happy clients already exist.